GSC 3.0

GSC 3.0 offers a unique opportunity for a wide array of stakeholders in the Football community to interact, learn and contribute towards the growth of the developing football ecosystem. The mega-event is the one-stop platform for gaining the best knowledge from global experts and networking with them for facilitating a strong roadmap for the developing football ecosystem.

The conclave has multiple curated segments like thematic panel discussion, individual insights, sports tech pitch day to bring out the best insights and practices from global experts and solution providers to enrich your understanding and infuse innovative sustainable ideas to empower football ecosystems.

Our Mascot Shourya:

The Lion in a football attire, juggling the ball is ready to welcome all for the global event. Lion demonstrates unique characteristics like power, controlled aggression, command and poise, all are reflective of great leadership.

The passion of football always looks round leaders , through which the game reaches to its next level.

Shourya welcomes all Global leaders , who with their knowledge , insight and strategy will boost the gane to its next level.

GSC Live:

If you are part of Football fraternity and passionate about football, the Live session of the global conclave are rightly your preferred destination to collect information and best practices and grow your network to strengthen your contribution for football. The 360-degree covered thematic sessions with renowned global experts are created as per your need and ground reality to discuss about business, strategy, education, performance, sports science support and social impact.

EVENT details

Speakers Profile

Henry Menezes

Prof. Simon Chadwick

Raj Kapoor

Hansvir Singh

Werner Martens

Eelco Schattorie

Ahmed Shaaek

Ashish Shah

Aditya Datta

Pedro Correia

Sukhvinder Singh

Mukul Choudhari

Abhik Chatterjee

Thangboi Singto

Ankan Banerjee

Richard Allen

Ramon Vega

Carles Cuadrat

Geoff Wilson

Dr. Mark King

Jose Antonio Cachaza

Hans Vander Elst

Prashant J Singh

Syed Asif Hussain

Mandar Tamhane

Fiona Green

Marco Sansoni

Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran

Deep Roy

Manish Upadhay

GSC Talk:

A curated story telling series, prerecorded to bring out the journey and experience of global trendsetters and experts. The Sports tech companies, educational institutes and experts will share their unique experiences and brand’s journey through a visual content, which will be informative and engaging for the whole football fraternity. Explore this segment as per your timeline before diving down into the Live thematic interactive sessions.

experts Profile

Steve Mackie

Sandy Zinn

Raj Kapoor

Hansvir Singh

Thangboi Singto

Hans Vader Elst

Rohn Malhotra

Albert Zbily

Pedro Coriea

Sukhvinder Singh

Daniel Cossi

Joshua Smith

Dr. Mark King

Brian J Esposito

Kick off 2.0:

Sports tech integration is the ideal ingredient for the better future of any sports ecosystem. The Global conclave has created the best opportunity for young innovative minds to bring out their creativity and innovation. The pitch day will be the culmination of the battle between startups to pitch their solution in front of an esteemed jury consisting of sports tech exports and innovators. The top 5 best solutions will the felicitated during the event’s award night as the best sports tech innovators and will be given valuable guidance and mentoring through our global experts to execute their innovative solution.



Raj Kapoor

Hansvir Singh

Max Rollinger

Dr.Mark Kingh

Dr.Pralay Majumder

Dr.Amol Patil

Manish Upadhay

Daniel Cossi

Aditya Dutta

Ashish Shah

Sudheer Kuppam

Dreamers Den:

Dreamer’s den gives a unique opportunity for budding Management and technology/ Engineering students to share their mind as a futuristic solution in front of corporate Business houses, global experts and investors and build their understanding and networking along with high potential to build their professional footprints. 

The solution that these young minds wish to propose to the global experts can be on any of the following focus areas: 

GSC Awards:

The Award night is curated to reward life time achievers and excellent football performers and clubs of south east Asia to encourage and highlight their performance to global football fraternity. The best sports tech solutions are also get rewarded which can create meaningful impact for developing football ecosystem, The validators and jury panel are comprising of global experts and acceptable for their contribution without any aorta of doubt by the football ecosystem.

The Awards are given for the following segments to encourage overall football development for the developing football ecosystems.

GSC Connext:

A series of webinars created to ensure continuous professional development, for the football community of Global soccer conclave. We value and understand the importance of specificity, therefore created our survey and solution mechanism. The surveys will identify the ground situations and the webinar series will be the option providing and knowledge integration platform .The series will be hosted in association with institutes or online global education leaders like Johan Cruyff institute, SoccerHub , double pass and also bringing global leaders to energise, optimise and guide football fraternity for the bet and knowledge integration platform .The series will be hosted in association with institutes or online global education leaders like Johan Cruyff institute, SoccerHub , double pass and also bringing global leaders to energise, optimise and guide football fraternity for the betterment of the game.terment of the game.



The football industry depends upon performance and Fan . The game is that big as big is its audience. So fan engagement and building is paramount and need innovative approaches to optimise the association and impact. The webinar session is developed to give the options and tools with unbiased insight and impact assessment . It will be ideal for any decision maker at any level to identify and plan his best course of action.


The game is equally devided in to two sessions during a match and also ensure equal gender opportunity. The game is fair as always , but to translate it on ground a different strategic planning is required to be adopted , as traditionally not each football ecosystem has even development for both the genders. Through the curated content the webinar will bring out the action buttons we need to ensure at each level to ensure even growth of the game and strategically how best we can augment women football to create a bigger audience and impact through football.


Football nutrition is really important to load and reload as per phases of training or game day , to optimize performance and reduce chance of Injury. The webinar has been created to share the best insight from the industry experts for coaches, physical trainers , sports scientists working at various levels and with different age group and gender distribution both during active phase of game or relative rest phase of injury rehabilitation.


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